Some new shoes

So my wheels finally arrived from Japan and i’m over the moon with how they’ve come out. Paired some with Bridgestone RE003 I feel like i’m driving a brand new car. The cornering is perfect and the grip is like nothing i’ve experienced before.

Obviously the wheels look a little silly until my car’s been lowered so that’s next (this week).

I think I may have gone a bit crazy with the front wheel offset as it appears to have a bit of poke as seen below:



But we’ll see how it looks once it’s been lowered. I also had to buy some wheel nuts and some centre caps (only ordered them yesterday).

All up my new complete shoes cost me:

  • Wheels: $1755
  • Bolts: $50
  • Centre Caps: $140
  • Tyres: $1300

Total Cost: $3245.

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