Some fresh air!

Two days ago my Stillen Cold Air Intake arrived from the USA. I’ve heard good things about it so I didn’t wait long to get it installed.


I got it installed from my mechanic down the road and the installation came to a total of $210. I know I said I was going to install it myself, but well.. once the time came I decided to just keep living my life and instead pay a professional to install it. He said it took him 3 hours flat out to install as there was a lot of things needed to be fiddled with, ie: Front bar had to come off, headlight cleaners, etc etc – anyway, glad it wasn’t me.


I must say it looks awesome in the car. Makes me want to get a nice and shiny upper plenum too… maybe one day 🙂 So far it’s been hard to tell if I’m getting any gains as I’ve only driven it back from the mechanic and I’m a bit hesitant to drive my car too hard at the moment as my front tyres are a touch away from death but I need to wait another 4 weeks until my new rims arrive before I get any tyres. The intake definitely sounds better though – very rough and monstrous.


All up installing this cost me: $790 for the parts, $190 shipping, $210 installation: $1,190. If this really does give an extra 17.5WHP then that’s $68 pwhp.