Front Bumper LEDs

So, when purchasing my front bumper what I didn’t take into considering were the LEDs Daytime Running Lights as they weren’t included in the bumper. I googled them a few days later only to find that the stock LEDs for the 2015 Nismo 370z were being sold for $1200USD for the pair. Ohhh hellll no. So many things rushed through my head; do I bite the bullet? Do I get something fabricated? do I just fill the hole in..? Until some expert researching found me upon two alternatives; one of which was Carbon Signal in Dubai. Turns out they’ve started fabricating after marketing DRLs specifically for the 370z Nismo front bumper, woo!

So I bought I set of these from Carbon Signal for $285USD, much cheaper than the stock Nismo ones! Wait time is late December though, unfortunately.

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