Which Wheels Work

Wheels, always a big and hard decision when modding a car. Unlike my V35, I decided to do these wheels right and that means buying some wheels from Japan.

After many hours of research I eventually decided on going with Work Emotion Kiwami, in Ultra Concave. This was based off numerous other 370z owners photos and ultimately the below photo:


Now, the next question – what colour?

I originally was planning on getting black rims however I noticed that black rims are really lost in photos and the wheels don’t do the car justice as it just simply all looks too dark, especially with a white car. So I was deciding between Bright Silver and Dark Bronze:

475153_440736715978175_393896701_o 221537_423515214366992_926794867_o

As much as I liked the bright silver I had a vote and the Bronze wheels won in a landslide victory of 3 to 11. Plus bronze will be much easier to clean.

I ended up purchasing the following wheel set up:

19×9.5 +15 (Deep Concave Face)
19×10.5 +12 (Ultra Deep Concave Face)

From JDM Concept for a total delivered price of $1755.

Now… time for an 8 week wait.