Kitting the Body

Before I got my 370z I said I was going to take the modding slowly and do it over time. We’ll i’ve failed at that.

I decided to purchase a Bodykit for my 370z exactly 1 day after picking it up. Well done with taking it slowly!

Now, trying to buy any bodykits in Australia is simply the worst. The range of bodykits is non existent so when buying a bodykit you basically always have to look overseas. In my case, i’ve done what I did with my previous bodykit and i’ve sourced it from the USA.

So, what bodykit did I end up purchasing?

Well, after a bit of back and forth i’ve decided and purchased the following bodykit:

Front: 2015 Nismo Replica, made by Duraflex, Purchased from Andy’s All Sports for $270USD.


Sides: The same as the front, 2015 Nismo Replica made by Duraflex and purchased from Andy’s All Sports for $251 USD.


Rear: Something a little different. I’m planning on getting quad exhaust tips for my 370z so I needed a bodykit that could do this. Their isnt much out there for that, but the one i’ve chosen not only allows quad tips, but it looks god dam amazing. I’ve purchased the Zele Exhaust replica from Fly1Motorsports for $600USD. I’ve got high hopes for this rear bar.



Now then… shipping. Crap.