My new car!

…And it all begins again. After returning from London one of the first things on my agenda was to purchase a new vehicle. Anyone who know’s me, however, knows I don’t just like any old car. Nope – I like the best. I was considering the 370z and the V36 Skyline; both the same 3.7Ltr VQ engine and both with similar components. The main difference is the size, with the 370z being only two seater. After much consideration I ended up choosing to go for the Nissan 370z with the thought process of “I should buy a two seater car while I still can.”

I purchased my new love from a car dealer, much different to my last project in which I imported. 370z’s however are sold in Australia and therefore can’t be imported (I believe?) – either way it’s easier just to buy it here.

My 370z is a 2011 model (basically the same as previous years except it has a reverse camera). It came with 63,000KMs and 7 months Registration. I was fairly happy with the deal I got, which was $35,000. When test driving the car I obviously wasn’t able to open it up or drive the car properly but it seemed fine. However, once I purchased the car and drove it home that’s when I really got an understanding of why I’m going to love this car.

Leaving Brisbane and entering onto the highway was a feeling I won’t forget and it cemented the happiness I have with the vehicle. I was at the front line of the red light before the highway on-ramp – what a perfect opportunity to see how she rides? And my god – I was surprised. Maybe i’ve just been away from the drivers seat for too long but this thing seemed to pull and pull, leaving what memory I had of my old V35’s power far behind. It was great.


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